Bits and pieces

An old boat in Chapel's Cove, Newfoundland.

My sister and I took a meander outside of town today to Chapel’s Cove. We had a nice little visit with Linda and the critters at Baynoddy and a pleasant lunch at The Pantry in Holyrood (huge portions, not expensive and very good!). I didn’t take all that many photos as it was more of a “hang out and chat” than a “run around and snap shots” sort of day.

At one point, though, I did spot some wonky-looking duckish things flying overhead and we hauled over for a look. I got out, climbed up to look over a rock wall into the cove and…. nothing.

“Invisible ducks,” I explained to my sister, who gave me that look that says, “Clearly you are cracking up.”

Then I was vindicated as a flock of the same flew swiftly overhead out towards open sea, got half-way up the cove and did a 180-turn and came back at us. I managed to grab this shot, mainly for identification purposes later.

Common Mergansers

Since taking more photos, I find myself learning quite a bit more about birds. These look like Common Mergansers (not just based on this photo, but also on my observation of the invisible ducks whose beaks were long and orange-red). The other day I swung by The Bird House (brilliant little store – you must visit!) and picked up a copy of Stokes’ Field to Birds (Eastern Region), which I will theoretically start taking on these excursions so that the phrase, “Hey, there are some weird-looking whassisses flying overhead!” becomes less frequent. If I remember to put the darned thing in my travel bag, that is.

Oh, and Wally says, “Hello. Back off. I may spit on you”

I spit in your general direction.
Wally the llama at Baynoddy Studio, Fahey Farms. Wally is very large, somewhat territorial, and of ample saliva. Makes nice fibre for spinning, though!

Hope your Wednesday was as lively as mine!


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  1. Elaine Dale says:

    Wally! I know Wally and Linda – we graduated high school together. Linda and me, that is. When I visited Baynoddy in September 2010 I posted a couple of photos of Wally:

  2. Maggie L R says:

    Your photos are so good I love them all. I am glad you had a nice day. I hope to be able to look up the Bird House when I visit Newfouldland this summer.

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