A morning sort of person

Dawn this morning was particularly uplifting.

I have always maintained that there are sunrise people and sunset people. Being one doesn’t necessarily preclude enjoying the other, of course, but there are people who pick where they live and what they do based on whether they like to see the sun rise or set. There are people who roll out of bed more or less ready to start the day and there are people who take until noon to regain consciousness.

I am a sunrise person*. I joke about not liking mornings or needing coffee to get going, but the real truth of it is that I really do hop out of bed fully functional. Any resistance to serious discussion or planning “before coffee” is more a matter of preference than requirement; I like my morning rituals to be performed in the correct order. It’s a form of personal magic; if my day starts properly, I can keep it on track more easily.

By mid-afternoon (which is now), it takes me decided effort to remain focused. You’re not watching me type this, or you’d notice that every fifth word is misspelled and I’m rewriting entire phrases that turn out not to have been sentences to start with (is this one?). It’s one of the reasons that a morning meeting really hashes up my day; my most productive and creative time is between 8:30 and noon.

Siestas are a concept with which I can utterly empathize. Right now my body should be asleep with my brain. Come 4pm, I’ll be back on track and ready for another round, but at present, I’m lurching through the motions. If Katherine wasn’t off school for the afternoon, I’d go for a run or do something physical to give me the adrenaline or endorphin rush that would leap me through the afternoon. It feels awful at first, but it really works.

*I do love sunsets, but I don’t feel as at peace in them as I do in sunrises.


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