Another yesterday….


_DSC8739a copy

Yesterday evening, John, Katherine, Jasper and I hiked up onto the Bawden Highlands along the Sugarloaf Path of the East Coast Trail to have a look at the pack ice and see if there were any bergs.

There were. There was also the uncanny fog that comes with pack ice blowing ashore.

_DSC8763a copy

There were seagulls, but no seals that I could see.

_DSC8757a copy

_DSC8750a copy

It was uncanny to stare out into fog and see sheets of ice as far as the (undeniably closer) horizon, especially knowing how unstable and slushy that ice was. Standing on the edge of a cliff and staring out was surreal.

_DSC8746a copy

_DSC8744a copy

I went back again this morning too, for another look. Pictures as soon as I dump them off the camera!


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  1. hannifrieda says:

    Wow that looks amazing and very cold 🙂

  2. John P. Meyer says:


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