Today is beautiful.

Newfoundland Dog
Rowan, who thinks she's a Newfoundland Dog

Rowan thought so, too. There were icebergs and a wonderful hike along the Sugar loaf Path of the East Coast Trail.

We had spotted lots of pack ice last night and knew that the wind had gone around from the east to more like the southwest in the night, so the pack ice was bound to have been driven off shore a bit. I had hopes, however, that the bergs might have stayed put, being grounded. Since what you see of an iceberg is only 10% of its total volume, there’s an awful lot under the surface to hold it fast to the shore.

Here’s the same view as in last night’s photos:

_DSC8799a copy

And here’s a close-up of one of them:

_DSC8812a copy

Judging by their location, I was certain that they were grounded just off shore and that I knew a road that would take me behind the DFO (Department of Fisheries) building and down to the coast. Rowan and I headed back to the car and drove around to the road. It was very nicely graded and the gates were open, so we motored most of the way along. I didn’t like to go down the last hill, it being a dirt road and this being spring, so we walked that part.

_DSC8840a copy
And this is what we found.

_DSC8885b copy

_DSC8850a copy
Looking north
_DSC8846a copy
There were four differently-shaped bergs
_DSC8864a copy
Tips of one
_DSC8874a copy
Waves swirling around

It was, simply put, glorious.

_DSC8891a copy
Cape Spear and one of the Coast Guard ships in the background.

These are located here (St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada), at the green arrow. This is along the Sugarloaf section of the East Coast Trail, which you can also start in Quidi Vidi Village:


8 Comments Add yours

  1. really beautiful photos. I love the one with your doggy in it.

  2. Elaine Dale says:

    Rowan has posed beautifully! This is a real winner – should be on a Border calendar.

  3. I had a friend when I lived in Nova Scotia that had a Newfie. He floated away on an ice floe and they couldn’t rescue him. Strange. What a beautiful animal 🙂

  4. hannifrieda says:

    Aww he’s so cute! Quite a natural at posing too 😛

  5. mjspringett says:

    wonderful photos, thanks and hope you thaw out soon, then the wildflowers bloom, MJ

  6. Bill Anderson says:

    Did you ever post photo of Bob and myself, as I can’t seem to find it ?

    1. VickyTH says:

      No, I didn’t! Sorry about that! The background light made the features of your faces a little dark, especially given the high contrast of the light and icebergs. Here it is now:
      bill and bob

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