A surfeit of sunshine


Well, maybe not a surfeit, but certainly a whole lot more than we’re used to as of late.

Newfoundland Sunset
Spring Sunset in Newfoundland

It’s day three of more or less continuous sun (except at night, of course. We’re not that far north) and I’m ploughing through the list of stuff that needs doing on nice days.

Unreliable weather can be problematic at times.

When we have a spate of sunny days, I go a little haywire trying to cram in all the things that ought to be done under such conditions and I become increasingly dismayed as I proceed, since my task is not humanly possible.

It is not possible to prep a medium-sized vegetable garden for summer, scoop a winter’s worth of dog-doo, rake a garden, run or exercise for an hour daily, take children to playgrounds every day, hike with the family, clean out the greenhouse, and go on photograph hunts in a two-day period. That’s all in and around other normal daily tasks, meetings, and work.

It simply can’t be done.

I feel a little like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, too, in that each sunshiny task that I complete reveals another three jobs that also require good weather for completion.

What I need is another week of good weather. Or a glass of wine.


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