One of the many bird houses (the large one is a Wood Duck Box) at Oxen Pond, in the Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Botanical Gardens. One of the most amazing things about these gardens is the thought, planning and detail that has gone into their construction and maintenance over the years. The other? How few people go there and take advantage of the trails.

After yesterday, a day which ended in K having a friend “sleep” over, we all decided that we all very much needed a quiet family day; we needed a day without much in it that moved along at a snail’s pace and allowed for spontaneous naps, flagrant and wanton knitting, unavoidable encounters with ice cream and periodic excursions into places of peace and solitude.

And since the above turned out to be just one sentence, a fact which proves that I’m not fit to be trusted with the English language this evening, I’ll just leave it at that.


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  1. hannifrieda says:

    that photo is beautiful

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