The Ice Cream Crazies

Jasper chose caramel

On the way back from our weekend trip, of which I have not yet relayed all the marvelous adventures, we stopped at the Riverside Restaurant in Cape Broyle for supper. Jasper order and devoured mussels and Katherine, after some initial disgust, tried one and fell in love. She is now planning some major mussel feasting during our summer sojourn on Exploits Islands (Jasper and Jean are in on this scheme as well). The rest of us had clubhouse sandwiches because we have learned that even a poorly made clubhouse sandwich (which these definitively were not – they were excellent) is a good bet on a road trip.

Katherine worked with strawberry

I think the best part of the very good meal might actually have been the ice cream sundaes. As you can see, a weekend without ice cream brings out the silliness in folks.

John sized up chocolate

(I had caramel too, but I also had the camera. 🙂 )



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  1. John P. Meyer says:

    I am now officially jonesin’ for a sundae.

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