Time slows


When you’re on an island without electricity, running water or much communication with the outside world, time slows right down. You live with the rhythms of the sun and tides and begin to feel the daily round in your blood. You eat when hungry, rest when tired and stop frequently to appreciate that you’re just one small cog fitting into the everyday of this timeless place.


Time has a different flavour here. There are, in fact, more hours in a day, as there are fewer inconsequential things sapping your strength and distracting you from focus. It’s a life reduced to essentials and it dramatically increases your ability to really see the world around you.


(I’ve used some of this extra time to play with the on-camera editing features of the D7000 and I’m fairly impressed. I still can’t do a spot touch-up to eliminate sensor dust, but I can straighten horizons and adjust contrast in the raw format. I can also resize things, adjust sharpness and do some D-lighting. Basic modifications, but they help.)


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