The thinking hour

A walk out to the tip of Flatrock, Newfoundland, on a beautiful summer’s evening.

Of late, evenings in our house have been a strangely incongruous combination of serious and thoughtful discussions and slightly tipsy adult silliness. I have a feeling that the former is instigating the latter and that the silliness is what lets us sleep. We have a metaphorical boatload of changes coming our way in the next few months and I’ve never been entirely comfortable with changes when they come by sea (or when they come at all, really). That said, I still feel an astounding degree of calm and assuredness, which is unprecedented for me in the face of life-altering situations.

It promises to be a stressful and busy fall, which is probably why I’ve been feeling the need to hang on to summer for as long as possible. Evening walks seem even more real and vivid than usual.


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  1. mjspringett says:

    Great photo, lovely water, you captured the essence, thanks for sharing MJ

  2. Brad Stanton says:

    Hi I am following your blog, and just now I put your blog on my list of blogs that I follow on my front page.That helps u get more visitors to your blog in at least a couple of ways. U might even think about doing the same for me? either way it is ok. come and visit mine sometime Have a great week, Love your photo’s.

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